Thursday, April 16, 2009

{ the spanish art }

This week is what I like to call "The Spanish Teacher Has Lost Her Mind Because She Thinks Doing Projects With 300+ Students All Under The Age Of 10 Is A Good Idea Week!" That's right, it is Project Week in Spanish class at Joyner. Usually, I dread these weeks because the students all work at different speeds. I'm not only helping some students complete their project, but I also have to keep the others busy once they have finished. HOWEVER, this week has been different! I have never witnessed these students working so hard and staying so focused on their projects. The results have been spectacular!

We have been making Huichol Art (a type of Mexican Folk Art). The Huichol people are ones that live in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. The art they make is pictures they decorate with yarn and beans. Sounded simple enough to me! I found a picture of a cerdo (pig) with cool designs on it, so I made copies on green construction paper. Why green? It is my favorite color, and white paper is BORING (I have an unusually high amount of green construction paper in my office)! I loved doing this project so much that I decided to make a few of my own. Here they are:

Tuesday's pig...I had left the yarn at my house, so Tuesday's classes used only beans!

Wednesday's pig...I remembered the yarn. I love, love, love this one! I worked on it during all four of the classes. Yes, it took me all day to do it!

Thursday's's not finished just yet! And yes, I have been working on it since 9:15 this morning. This one received the best ratings among my peers. I think it's because the flowers are a little more detailed!
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